Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation

We are an innovation and development firm organized to help you define a strategic path to success and then realize it through superior, user-inspired design and execution. With integrated manufacturing experience and capabilities, our model has been purposely designed to accelerate ideas to market while reducing risk and maximizing return on investment.

Understanding how patients and caregivers interact with devices and technology is critical to informing medical product innovation and development. Principle Info-Tech is a market leader in this field. We have decades of experience designing and developing healthcare technology and humanizing patient experiences. We work with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical device companies to design products and solutions for:

  • Drug delivery and diagnostics
  • Medical devices and home healthcare
  • Equipment and instrumentation

As an ISO 9001 medical device registered company, we support leading and emerging medical companies from around the world with a strong foundation in regulatory affairs, testing and verification labs, and quality system management.

Principle Info-Tech uses Business Intelligence solutions, such as SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau, to enable the visualization and manipulation of datasets. The data visualization helps end-users make better informed decisions regarding healthcare-related events. Our solutions can generate “what-if” scenarios to improve responsiveness and accuracy of information during routine or emergency situations.

Principle Info-Tech has extensive experience providing project management services to the federal government. Principle Info-Tech Project Managers are well versed in coordination of projects with varying size, scope, complexity, and focus. They are strategically assigned to those projects for which their professional backgrounds are most closely aligned. Often Principle Info-Tech Project Managers carry dual roles as the overseer of project activities and as a Subject Matter Expert. They use a combination of superior management capabilities and varying knowledge bases to coordinate project activities that deliver high quality products and services to our customers. The educational backgrounds and experience of Principle Info-Tech Project Managers are comprehensive, as our organizational portfolio requires a multitude of different skillsets and expertise. Many of our Project Managers have advanced degrees including Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBAs) and/or are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

Principle Info-Tech provides management and technical support services for various models tested by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).

Principle Info-Tech develops feasibility studies to determine the cost effectiveness of validation programs for large datasets. Generally, our feasibility studies consist of three steps: 1) develop and test a protocol to validate the data, 2) estimate the burden and associated costs to eligible facilities to participate in such a validation program, and 3) assess the implementation costs of the validation program.