Microsoft Application Development

Microsoft Applicatiion Development

Application Development Process

Microsoft services help businesses drive innovation through the development of modern applications and modernizing legacy applications. They help in leveraging IT paradigms that include cloud, big data and mobility.

Principle Info-Tech has prior expertise in using the modern Microsoft stack to develop applications that are designed to work across device types and scale to increasing demands. We also assist in the migration of your existing apps to new platforms and frameworks offered by Microsoft including Office 365, SharePoint, Azure etc. Principle Info-Tech can scale your applications to new heights while cutting costs. A few of our offerings include:

Building Apps with Intelligence

Microsoft provides rich services with their Cognitive Services offering. Principle Info-Tech have expertise in building applications and adding more intelligence to them using Congnitive Services. This includes Face Recognition, Emotional Analysis, Bing Search (Text and Video). Also we have expertise in building new generation applications which are interactive and compliments natural user inputs like Ink and Speech.

Modern web applications on Azure

Cloud has proved itself as a torchbearer foundation for host of other technologies and platforms. It is powering modern web applications and backends of mobile apps for high availability, scalability and robust structure. Principle Info-Tech with its profound experience of building web applications and deep understanding of Azure ecosystem is positioned well to offer modern web application development services.

Principle Info-Tech have expertise to build modern apps using frameworks like Angular, Knockout and ReactJS along with .NET Core and ASPNET MVC Frameworks. While building the new age and modern web apps, Principle Info-Tech also helps to migrate legacy WebForms and Silverlight applications to Modern age web applications and HTML using unquie migration strategy solutions (includes step by step migration and complete rewriting)

Fluid mobile apps using Xamarin

We are living in a cloud first and mobile first world. Many applications are designed around mobile interface and experience. Later they are ported to other devices. It then becomes of paramount importance that your app leads the user experience for creating engaged user base. Principle Info-Tech using Xamarin builds highly efficient and fluid mobile apps that justifies your brand in the mobile world.

Collaborative solutions on SharePoint and Office 365

Office 365 and SharePoint solutions are changing the definition of collaborative work. These solutions now talk about hybrid approach to work collaboration and file sharing and searching. Now no piece of information can lie hidden in big silos of organizational departments. Everything is now brought on a single screen with unparalleled transparency. Principle Info-Tech, being Microsoft technology partner with many MVPs on board and in the business of enterprise application development for around two decades, understands the needs of enterprise collaboration and deliver the solutions that addresses these needs precisely.

Microsoft migration services

To remain in sync with time and ahead of competition the IT systems needs to be relooked from time to time. Any chance to migrate to newer technology should be looked at as opportunity but need to be thoroughly evaluated so that it helps your organization move forward, quickly. Principle Info-Tech helps you evaluate the technologies to achieve your business goals and builds a strong solution around Microsoft stack. Principle Info-Tech has tackled migration from non-Microsoft technology to Microsoft stack, legacy Microsoft technology to newer Microsoft technology stack, from moving to data center to cloud and from cloud to hybrid.