Fusion Applications provide a choice of deployment options. Whether you are doing a new implementation, or an integrating Fusion Application modules with your existing PeopleSoft applications, the following choices are available:

On-Premise – Install Fusion Applications entirely on-premise, on your own infrastructure.
Hosted – You own the product licenses, and Principle Info-Tech hosts the application and configures it to your requirements. Hosting your Fusion Applications in the Principle Info-Tech datacenter saves on infrastructure costs, ensures security, and scales to expand as your business needs expand.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Oracle hosts the Fusion Application, and customers subscribe to the services they require. Principle Info-Tech can help your business move to SaaS on the Oracle Public Cloud through Data Management and Transformation services, including data architecture, master data management, data governance, metadata management and data integration.
Hybrid/Co-Existence – Hybrid/Co-Existence – For users who have significant investments in existing applications, like PeopleSoft, or are not ready to completely change their software or the way they do business, the co-existence option enables customers to keep their on-premise PeopleSoft application and add Fusion Application modules of their choice.

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