SAP Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things

Build and deploy applications with a cloud based IoT platform

SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). This in-memory IoT platform can help you quickly develop, deploy, and manage your own real-time IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Use the platform to automate processes at the core and connect to almost anything at the edge of your network.

  • Harness the core capabilities of SAP HANA – such as geo-spatial processing, series data, and location services
  • Manage and monitor remote devices while gathering real-time insights
  • Create next-generation, real-time, machine-to-machine and IoT applications
  • Develop IoT solutions for various line-of-business and industry use cases

Product Capabilities

Build and deploy IoT applications in the cloud: Our in-memory platform-as-a-service, the SAP Cloud Platform, makes it easy to build, deploy, and run applications that leverage the Internet of Things.

Connect and control your devices: Access and connect all of your devices, manage their individual lifecycles – and control them remotely.

Analyze machine and sensor data: Leverage the analytical capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform to detect patterns in data streams from machines and sensors.

Optimize your processes and create new business models: Use insight into device data to trigger appropriate actions in your business systems – and leverage the IoT capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform to offer new types of services.

Internet of Things services: Our Internet of Things services can help you remotely monitor and manage connected devices. They can also securely transmit data from devices into the SAP Cloud Platform.

Advanced analytical capabilities: Use the built-in engines of SAP HANA for prediction or geo-spatial analysis – and visualize the data with advanced analytics that automate insights on the edge of the network.

Connectivity options: Connect directly to devices – or connect via a third-party device cloud – using the flexible connectivity capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform.

Integration services: Connect your IoT scenarios in the cloud with your on-premise enterprise systems to trigger actions in your processes and easily access device information.

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