SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

• Cloud deployment

• Real-time analytics

• Ad-hoc queries

• Collaboration tools

Discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate in one integrated experience designed expressly for the cloud. Access all data and embed analytics directly into business processes to turn instant insight into quick action.

Analytics reimagined

Empower your business with trusted, secure, self-serve analytics. Deliver consistent, accurate insight to the business – conveniently accessible in the cloud.

Cloud analytics beyond bias

Experience smart technology that automatically analyzes data, revealing key influencers in natural language and supporting what-if scenarios and simulations.

Big Data ready

Prepare for the future with a cloud analytics solution built to handle enterprise-level Internet of Things data. Scale your analytics strategy business growth.

Key Capabilities

Business Intelligence

Get real-time insights and explore data with self-service data discovery features. Deliver accurate, consistent data with native connectivity and tools for data governance.


Make the best use of data with integrated organizational planning features. Take advantage of essential business semantics such as currency conversion and account logic.

Predictive Analytics

Use in-memory technology from SAP HANA and guided machine learning to uncover relevant predictive insights and assess future outcomes – both live and in the moment.

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