SAP Leonardo IoT Analytics

Imagine a connected world where machines automatically alert you when they need maintenance or replenishment; fleets are routed based on real-time traffic updates; cities predict their own needs for water, power, waste management… Principle Info-Tech can help you realise this vision with SAP Leonardo.

Your challenge: turning digital aspirations into reality

Most organisations understand that digital transformation is key to survival, but only 3% have completed digital transformation across the enterprise. To do so, they need to be able to analyse large amounts of data, turn insights into actions, and above all, realise the promise of today’s connectivity – a challenging task for many businesses.

SAP Leonardo paves the way for innovation

SAP Leonardo is SAP’s digital innovation system, bundling the latest technologies and services into one intelligent platform that enables innovation by connecting things with people and processes. SAP Leonardo makes it easy to adopt new technologies, integrate them into your business and scale the resultant solutions seamlessly as your company grows.

Leonardo’s components and services help organisations apply digital technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, analytics and big data to create new business models, redefine business processes and create new working environments in order to increase profitability. Leonardo can be used in conjunction with SAP Connected Goods, the cloud-based IoT solution designed to maximise the value of mass market devices.

Principle Info-Tech can help you make the most of SAP Leonardo

In close collaboration with SAP, Principle Info-Tech is helping clients use Leonardo to take full advantage of today’s opportunities for seamless connectivity – linking people, processes, data and things to provide richer customer experiences, improve productivity, reduce waste, accelerate delivery, reduce costs and much more.

We then collaborate with you to refine the prototype and pilot it before rolling out to the business. We also help you outline your roadmap for future Leonardo use.

Our Leonardo work uses the “Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries” method – a joint initiative by Principle Info-Tech and SAP. This helps you manage rapid digital transformation via a three-stage process: “explore and design”, “experiment and learn” and “prepare and rapid scale-up”.

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